New Podcast: Building Codes, Strong Roots for Resilience

How do building codes affect disaster safety and resilience? Can we affordably build structures that withstand the test of time? Everyone deserves a safe place to live, so how do building codes help achieve that goal?

John Ingargiola, Lead Physical Scientist – FEMA

Please join me and my guest John Ingargiola, Lead Physical Scientist at Founding and Legacy Partner FEMA, as we tackle these questions and more. John’s passion for strong building codes and his long-time service make for an engaging conversation.

Listen to the Building Codes, Strong Roots for Resilience podcast episode here.

Topics Include:

  • John’s educational and professional background (00:52)
  • Building Science Guidance: Stronger codes and standards (10:11)
  • Five Reasons: Why building codes are important (10:53)
  • How can stakeholders get consumers to support building codes? (13:17)
  • Mitigation Assessment Team (MAT) Program (20:22)
  • The Recipe Book: Consensus standards inform key design considerations (22:50)
  • Innovation: How can we expedite building code improvements? (24:03)
  • FEMA’s Building Codes Strategy (32:18)

Editors Note: This podcast was recorded prior to the landmark National Initiative to Advance Building Codes announcement.

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